Thursday, October 14, 2004

Grabbing God’s Helping Hand

God offers a powerful helping hand to each and every Christian seeking to do His will, but we must act to receive that help. That requires three things.

First, we must empty our hands of anything else. We can’t can’t grab hold of Him if they are filled with other things. We must give those things up, but it’s more than worth it.

Second, we have to reach out and grab His hand. Although he is bold to first extend it, we cannot receive its full benefit if we do not take hold of it. However difficult that may be at first, we must swallow our pride, overcome our awkwardness, and grab it to reach our full potential in Christ. The good news is that He is eager to reciprocate, regardless of how dirty our hands may be or how weak our grip. He wants the relationship that comes with it.

Third, we must not let go. That deprives us and others of the full measure of the goodness He offers. It also allows us to wander off the course He would lead us on. God is faithful to take our hand again and lead us back if we do that, but the time off course is wasted and can never be fully recovered.

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