Friday, November 19, 2004

Drinking a Milkshake Through a Straw: A Loose Paraphrase of James 1:16-17, 19-21

Absorbing God’s word is like drinking a perfect milkshake. It’s the richest, most flavorful, and most nutritious drink you will ever consume, and it will never go bad. It'll always be like that.

But, because of our humanness, we are limited in how much we can absorb, like someone drinking a milkshake through a straw. Just as one can’t drink if he's blowing into his straw, we can’t receive that rich goodness when we are talking instead of listening. And just as junk in a straw will clog it, reducing or even stopping the flow, anger and other impurities in our lives limit how much of that wonderful milkshake we can take in.

(Images about prayer were posted September 17, 17a, and 17b; October 8 and 17, November 13 and 19, 2004 and May 27, 2005.)

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