Sunday, September 12, 2004

Gloves On the Hand of God

Christians are like gloves on the hands of God: the closer we conform to Him the more effectively He can work through us.

We are like mittens if we insist on ordering our lives for our own ends. God is inside us, but like a hand inside a mitten, His true nature is only roughly observable. And just as a mitten’s very shape limits what the hand inside it can do, our failure to yield to God’s purposes limits His ability to act through us. Sure, He can accomplish some things through us, but not much.

Or maybe we are like thick wooly gloves. We try to live according to God’s direction, but let ungodly things occupy prominent places in our lives. Or maybe we are so busy that we can’t get as close to God as He would like. Either way, the result is a loose fit, with a lot of stuff between us and what God wants to grab through us. We are better than mittens, but surely not as effective as we could be.

But perhaps we are like leather work gloves, those yellow rubber gloves we’ve all used from time to time, or maybe even surgical gloves. God can get a lot done through them. The reason they are so effective is that they closely conform to His hand, are tough enough to stand up to the task and put function over fashion. Those attributes allow God’s people to really get into the muck and clean up the parts of the world He wants to reach.

Finally, just like gloves, our usefulness has nothing to do with our outward appearance. A mitten is still a mitten and a surgical glove is still a surgical glove, regardless of its color. Its utility depends on how closely it conforms to the hand inside it, not what’s visible from the outside.

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marciamac said...

Hello Christian.
I have come for a short visit and to share something.

This is in line and a confirmation to what He showed me the other day. It had to do with gloves- of all things.

As I am walking on this journey I often enjoy the view He offers and seeing all the things He created in nature- just for His pleasure and ours too.

I find my thoughts on the Lord most of the time and I know this has come about because of the work of the Holy Spirit as He works in me when I read the scriptures and pray and talk to Him and am learning to rely on His guidance rather than my independent self.

I was thinking about how He has transformed my mindset also and this is a great gift from Him. He showed me that what I am doing is getting closer in Him and that He is a second skin; just like tight fitting gloves.

He provides all the protection we need and more than our naturals skin. (Skin is the largest organ of the body and any impairment or change in the integrity creates a lot of pain. Think about the last time you had a scrape or a sunburn. Your friends thought you came from Napa Valley- "whine country".)

Those in this deep walk have this double, invincible layer as He protects us. You can't create it either.
It just is.
This is tied into knowing His will for us.