Friday, September 17, 2004

What We Can Learn About God From Being Parents: God Looking In On Us

Every night I look in on my two-year-old daughter (sometimes several times) before I go to bed, and often again when I wake up. I make sure she’s all right, pray over her, and adjust her blankets.

That’s motivated by love; she gives me such joy that I get a little boost just seeing her there. She usually doesn’t know it, but that doesn’t mean that her father isn't taking action to help—and love—her.

It’s probably the same way with God. He’s no doubt checking in on each of us, taking care of little things we never notice, just because He loves us. Most of the time we're never aware of it, but that doesn't mean He's not doing it or that we don’t benefit from it.

Sometimes my daughter wakes up briefly, smiles a contented smile, and then goes back to sleep. That makes me very happy. God must feel the same way when we wake up, realize He's there, and let Him know how happy we are that He is.

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